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Case Studies

Goal: Drive Model-specfic Awareness

Land Rover wanted to increase favorable brand perception and maximize awareness of its latest model to fill the gap between their branding and direct response efforts.

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Goal: Generate Product Awareness

Leading up to the debut of its flagship G4 phone release, LG wanted to create a positive buzz that would generate awareness and influence consumers' decision-making process.

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Goal: Create Awareness and Consideration

Motorola wanted to drive product awareness and positive sentiment of its flagship phone, the Moto X Gen 3, also known as the Moto X Pure Edition.

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Objective: Create Awareness & Preference

L'Oreal wanted to increase awareness and preference for La Palette, a new eyeshadow product that needed to stand out in a highly competitive space.

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Goal: Enhance Thought Leadership Position

NetApp, a data storage and cloud solution, wanted to further establish thought leadership in their space by promoting select content.

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Goal: Create Awareness & Consideration

The tourism board of Ireland wanted to present the country as an attractive year-around, must-visit destination to extend its travel season.

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Goal: Change Perception of Established Models

With Escape and F-150 having been available for several years, Ford Canada wanted to create a new and positive perception for the established models.

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Goal: Solidify the Trust of American Mothers

With the announcement about removing artificial flavors and dyes from its cereal, General Mills wanted to capitalize and earn the full trust of moms.

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The inPowered Advantage

  • Cost-per-engagement pricing model that means you only pay when your audience reads or shares your content
  • Target the right audience using our robust contextual, behavioral, geo, and device targeting
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  • 3rd party impression, click, and engagement tracking